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Can you be forced to remove a yellow vest from your balcony?


A surfer wonders about the legal value of a letter asking her to remove the yellow vest she hung on her balcony

A yellow vest hanging on a balcony, February 9, 2019, in Toulouse. - FRED SCHEIBER / SIPA

  • Can you hang a yellow vest on your balcony when you are a tenant?
  • The question is fueling speculation on Facebook, after an Internet user shared a letter addressed to him asking him to remove a yellow cardigan from his balcony in the name of "co-ownership regulations".
  • This request is however legitimate, as explained to us by an expert in real estate law.

Posted on Facebook, the call for help is a bit special: a surfer has been looking for advice since she received a rather surprising letter at her home. The latter, illustrated with a photo showing a yellow vest hanging on his balcony, asked him to remove it as soon as possible.

“In accordance with the residence co-ownership regulations […], it is forbidden to hang linen on the facades of the residence. However, you have been laying a fluorescent yellow vest on the front for several months now on the balcony you have rented. We therefore ask you to remove it within 48 hours otherwise we will remove it through [the] trustee at your expense, "urged his interlocutor, who said he spoke on behalf of" co-owners of the 'building ".

The Facebook post on the letter requesting the removal of a yellow vest from the balcony where it hangs. - screenshot / Facebook

If many internet users find this request surprising or shocking, because of its supposedly “political” nature, it is not, however, anything illegal or unusual.


“The condominium regulations generally prohibit the storage of objects in the common areas and oblige to respect the aesthetic appearance of the facade. Concretely, if the buildings of a shutter are blue, it will be impossible to paint hers in pink. The ban on hanging laundry - whatever it is - on the balcony can therefore fit into this framework, ”explains Ganaëlle Soussens, lawyer expert in real estate law.

This ban can also be adopted by a municipality, as Robert Ménard did for example a few months after his election in Béziers (Hérault), in 2014.

Contacted by 20 Minutes , the co-owner named in the letter did not wish to respond to us, and the tenant did not respond to our requests before the article appeared. However, she explained to our colleagues at France Bleu Occitanie that she had suspended this yellow vest as a sign of support for the movement born in November 2018, and that she had removed it after receiving the message she has since shared on Facebook.


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