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Five inmates have died in Mississippi prisons since the start of the year ... and Jay-Z could no longer remain inactive. According to CNN, the billionaire rapper has decided to pay the lawyers' fees for 29 prisoners who file a complaint against the state to protest against the catastrophic conditions of detention they are subjected to.

"As the Mississippi jails more and more people, the state has drastically reduced the funds allocated to its prisons. Detainees are forced to live in unsanitary conditions, which jeopardizes their mental and physical health, ”worry the lawyers in an extract from the complaint.

Hired rapper

In an open letter published on January 9 and sent to the governor of Mississippi, Team Roc, the philanthropic branch of Roc Nation, Jay-Z's company, had already expressed concern about the "inhumanity of conditions of detention". "We cannot treat people like this and it is time to do something to change," the letter said.

The rapper has reason to hope: Tate Reeves, the new governor of Mississippi, was sworn in on Tuesday.


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