A Mexican wrestler was killed after failing to perform what is known as the "death jump", according to the British newspaper "Sun".

The newspaper added that during a fight in freestyle wrestling at the Arena Theater in Monterrey, Mexico, the wrestler, "La Barca", tried to jump off the ropes towards the opponent who had come out of the ring, in a jump called "the death jump."

He was trapped in the ropes, slipped and hit the barrier, which caused him to lose consciousness and transferred him to the hospital.

Medical reports said Laparka had suffered fractures to the neck and neck and was unable to speak or move any of his body.

Later in the accident, La Barca regained consciousness and was able to communicate with those around him, so he was taken to his home to continue receiving care by his family and a team of nurses, but he breathed upon his arrival at the house.

According to the Mexican Free Wrestling Federation, the wrestling superstar La Barca, whose real name is Jesus Alfonso Escobosa Huerta, died from a lung and kidney failure after a setback during his rehabilitation.