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Felicity Huffman's legal setbacks have apparently not dampened her daughter's career. According to Deadline, CBS has announced that Sophia Macy, 19, will appear in an episode of The Twilight Zone: The Fourth Dimension , the new iteration of science fiction anthology, produced by Jordan Peele.

No other details were revealed on this surprising cast, except that she will play in front of another unknown young actress, Abbie Hern.

Promising beginnings

The daughter of William H. Macy and the star of Desperate Housewives may be a beginner as an actress, her name is not unknown. He was at the heart of the college admissions scandal that sent Felicity Huffman to jail. The actress pleaded guilty to corruption for paying bribes to help Sophia enter a prestigious university despite her poor math scores. She served a week in prison last October.


VIDEO. Felicity Huffman's younger daughter did not cheat to go to college

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