The Condé-sur-Sarthe penitentiary center, March 6, 2019. - SICCOLI PATRICK / SIPA

Flavien Moreau, the first French jihadist sentenced to his return from Syria, was released on Monday from Condé-sur-Sarthe (Orne) prison where he was incarcerated, the prison administration announced to AFP, confirming information from Ouest-France .

The man, now 33, was sentenced in November 2014 to seven years in prison, the sentence required during his trial. He is now being followed up as part of judicial supervision by a sentence enforcement judge and a probation service, said a judicial source.

Restrictions for 11 months

His exit is thus accompanied by various obligations and prohibitions: he must in particular reside in a specific place, receive care and have a job. He is also prohibited from holding a weapon or leaving the territory without authorization. These measures must last 11 months and 18 days because they are based on the reduced sentences he was able to obtain when he was in detention.

After falling into delinquency (13 convictions), this young man of South Korean origin, adopted very young by a French family, had converted to Islam in contact with friends and neighbors, before becoming radicalized then go to Syria. He had joined a radical Islamist group but did not stay there long. Returning to France, he was spotted by the anti-terrorist services and arrested in January 2013 when he planned to return to Syria.


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