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Almost three-quarters (74%) of French people get angry at the wheel of their vehicle at least once a month, according to a study by Atomik Research for Autoescape, relayed by Capital . The online survey, conducted by nearly 1,000 drivers, reveals that the owners of an Audi and a Kia would rail more than the others.

Of the approximately 35% of respondents who get angry, these are the two brands most represented. Following this ranking, we find BMW and Mercedes (31% for both brands), followed by Chevrolet and Hyundai (27%). At the bottom of this ranking of nervous people in cars, we find owners of Nissan and Toyota, with only 11%.

First reason: non-compliance with the highway code

Among the reasons mentioned for getting angry at the wheel, non-compliance with the Highway Code comes in first (69%). The podium is completed by traffic jams (38%) and motorists whose driving is imperfect (37%). Speed ​​is also a reason for anger, when drivers drive too fast (37%) or too slow (32%).

Respondents also replied that they believe that compliance with the Highway Code and good practices are linked to age. Some 65% would be in favor of a driving test for drivers from the age of 75, as applied in some countries.


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