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The inclusion of the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas as one of the few nominees "of color" to the Oscar by some American media has unleashed the controversy and the immediate reaction of the social networks , which have been quick to clarify that it is European and White.

Specialized publications in Hollywood such as Deadline or Vanity Fair mentioned Banderas as one of the few cases of "person of color" nominated for the Oscars , following the official announcement of the candidates for the awards at the Academy of Hollywood on Monday.

Both newspapers cited Banderas along with African-American actress Cynthia Erivo as the only "color" performers nominated for this year's Oscar, in front of comments on social networks that point out that the Spanish actor is European and white .

"Only two actors of color were nominated in the main acting categories while women were absent in a better direction, " wrote the Deadline publication - one of the most consulted media in Hollywood - along with an image of Jennifer Lopez , the great absent of this edition

The tweet, which was eliminated several hours later, received responses that recalled that "Antonio Banderas is from Spain, white and European" or criticized the confusion involved in racial categorization in the United States, since they differentiate between Latin / Hispanic, Caucasian and African American .

Likewise, Vanity Fair linked the nomination of Erivo, the only African-American selected to compete in the Oscars, with the mention of Banderas .

"Although the Spaniards are not technically considered people of color , it should be noted that Antonio Banderas was nominated for his leading role in the Spanish drama Dolor y Gloria, " Vanity Fair wrote in his article.

A week ago, another important media outlet in the audiovisual industry, The Hollywood Report , noted that Banderas had been ignored by the British Academy at the Bafta Awards in an article about his lack of diversity, in which he joined his absence to the from Lupita Nyong'o, an African-American actress.

The racial classification applied by the United States is controversial for Hispanic or Latino people , since, although they are not differentiated as a different biological race according to conventional ordination, in the North American country they do have a category separated from the Caucasian in their population records.

It is something inaccurate since, for example, a large part of Spanish or Mediterranean people are Caucasian but of Latin culture , heiress of classical Latin that would also include European countries such as Italy or France, in addition to much of the American continent by processes different historical.

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