The German magazine “Brigitte” on health and beauty reported that the unhealthy lifestyle is reflected negatively on the skin, as the skin loses water, minerals and nutrients due to lack of sleep, excess of sugar, white flour and smoking.

The magazine added that the inevitable result at that time is the pallor of the skin, its loss of freshness, vitality and tight appearance, with the appearance of pimples, impurities, wrinkles and dark circles around the eye.

In order to avoid this bad image of the skin, a healthy lifestyle that depends on healthy nutrition represented in abundance of vegetables and fruits should be followed, while reducing sugar, white flour, salt and fast food, quitting smoking, in addition to exercising, and ensuring adequate sleep. For a period of no less than 6 - 8 hours at night.

Proper care also plays a big role in enjoying skin radiating freshness and vitality. Skin can be stimulated to produce collagen responsible for its elasticity and youthful and youthful appearance through the use of retinol rich care products.

Dark circles can be countered by the use of serum retinol or vitamin C, while preparations rich in vitamin B3 and niacin stimulate skin metabolism.