The strong attack on the Liverpool star, Egyptian Mohamed Salah, is expected, and this is a fatal mistake from «Boumka», whose interests in Swiss Media have become more than the green rectangle, and after Mohamed Salah know that his teammate, Sadio Mane, is the best player on the continent, He decided not to attend the celebration held in the land of Kinana, Egypt, Arabism.

- The distinguished Senegalese, Mani, deserved the award despite the fact that Mohamed Salah and Al-Jaza’zy Mahrez did not come

In my view, the mistakes were repeated, and he should review himself, and if he continues, he will lose his masses, because Muhammad Salah is a fan of the Arabs and the pride of the Arabs, but there are negative points that must be taken up and reviewed by his own mother, and he must focus on some matters and stay away from social media, because Muhammad Salah recently became focused on "Twitter" and "Instagram", and this is what caused his level in some matches to decline, despite the fact that Liverpool makes strong offers in the English Premier League, which is the closest to the Premier League harvest.

We all agree that Mohamed Salah made strong offers, and he is the most distinguished in the English Premier League, but we have to move away from emotion a little because things have become repeated, it is true that there is a problem between Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian Football Association, and everyone knows what the problem is, but it was supposed to attend Salah and congratulations companion coached by Mane, because I think that sadness and sadness are visible on his face.

If the great Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, wants not to lose his popularity, he must review his accounts and focus on the field of play, because the Arab sports street criticized Boumeka, and this is not the first time that he has been subjected to a violent attack on social media, everyone knows that Mohamed Salah has a problem with the federation Al-Masry Football Club, and also a well-known sports company that organizes tournaments and matches, and on this basis I believe that Mohamed Salah did not come to the ceremony that was held in Hurghada. Frankly, strange things happen between the Egyptian Federation and Mohamed Salah, and Boumkeh measures some matters, and does not pay attention to the African Football Confederation, whose name has been linked to corruption.

In general, the distinguished Senegalese, Mani, deserved the award despite the fact that Muhammed Salah and the Algerian Mahrez did not come, and it is beautiful that his poor village followed him through giant screens, and he is a favorite of Senegal and his village, where he built a school, hospital and playground, and gives each family $ 100 a month, and provides free clothes For children, what a beautiful thing for someone who provides these great services to his people and does not deny that he was once poor without the shoes to practice football.

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