"Skam France" may be entitled to a 7th and an 8th season. - Copyright France TV Slash / GTV

The Skam France series, a successful adaptation of a Norwegian series that has dusted programs for young people, could experience a 7th and an 8th season, while the 5th has just started, we learned on Wednesday.

"We had 4 seasons of Skam , the 5th arrives on the screens, it is a completely French creation", since the Norwegian version had stopped at the end of its 4th season, recalled the CEO of France Televisions Delphine Ernotte, during a hearing before the Cultural Affairs Committee of the National Assembly.

100 million views in 2018

The broadcast of the 5th season began on Monday on Slash, France Televisions' digital offer aimed at young people. The previous four seasons of this series launched in 2018 have accumulated more than 100 million views, according to the public group.

In addition to this new season 5 and a 6th which is already planned, "we are in discussions for the 7 and the 8", added Delphine Ernotte. "It is a real social phenomenon which is not so much perceived by adults, but which is major among young people around 16 years", and for France Télévisions, " Skam is a real editorial upheaval", also made be worth the leader.

Innovative series

The series is very modern in substance in its approach to themes such as harassment and the psychology of the characters. But it is also innovative for its distribution which exploits all digital tools: clips are broadcast all week on the site and the France.tv Slash application, before the publication of a new full episode on Friday at 6 p.m. , then rebroadcast on YouTube on Sunday morning. And at the same time, we can follow the life of the protagonists on Instagram. It also benefits from subsequent broadcast on television.


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