Image from Iranian television showing missile strikes against US bases in Iraq on January 8, 2020. - AFP

Did you miss the news of this early morning? We have put together a summary to help you see more clearly.

Iran responds with rockets against two US bases in Iraq

After the verbal escalation, here are the first shots. At least a dozen rockets fell in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday on two Iraqi bases where American soldiers are stationed, the Pentagon confirmed. For its part, Iranian television claims that Tehran had fired "dozens" of rockets in response to the American strike that eliminated General Soleimani last week. "Everything is fine," reacted on Twitter Donald Trump, who will make a statement Wednesday morning. We do not yet know the human toll of these shots.

Ukrainian Boeing crashes in Iran killing at least 170

It is a real disaster and, according to Iranian media, there can be no survivors. At least 170 people were killed in the crash of a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 that crashed Wednesday morning after taking off from Tehran for Kiev. According to the first elements emerging in the Iranian media, the plane crashed in the territory of the city of Chahriar, west of the metropolis of Tehran. He would have caught fire. Rescue is on site.

The autopsy of the deliveryman Cédric Chouviat reveals a fracture of the larynx

Relatives do not understand and therefore want to know. Cédric Chouviat, a 42-year-old delivery driver, father of five, died on the night of Saturday to Sunday at the Pompidou hospital, less than 48 hours after feeling ill during an arrest for a road traffic offense , in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The autopsy, carried out Monday, revealed "an asphyxiation manifestation with a fracture of the larynx". New forensic investigations are planned.


Iranian foreign chief warned by UN over US visa refusal


Boeing 737 MAX: Internal audit reveals potential new aircraft defect

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