Gabriel Matzneff's newspapers will no longer be marketed by Gallimard. - ANDERSEN ULF / SIPA

Gallimard announced on Tuesday that the marketing of the writer Gabriel Matzneff's newspaper, which is the subject of an investigation for rape of minors and is implicated in the book by editor Vanessa Springora, will stop. relationship with him when she was 14 years old.

"The suffering expressed by Vanessa Springora in Consent , makes heard a word whose force justifies this exceptional measure," said in a press release the publishing house which had published the newspaper of Gabriel Matzneff since 1990.

"Exceptional measure"

Copies still present in bookstores of Gabriel Matzneff's journal, including the last volume L'Amante de l'Arsenal released in November, will be recalled. This is the first time that Gallimard has taken such a measure, the publishing house told AFP.

The decision was taken while the 83-year-old writer has been targeted since Friday by an investigation for "rape of a minor" under the age of 15, opened 24 hours after the release of the accusing book by Vanessa Springora, director of Editions Julliard. In The Consent (Grasset), this 47-year-old woman tells how she was seduced by Gabriel Matzneff when she was not even 14 years old (and he was almost 50 years old), as well as the wounds left by this story, under grip on his existence.

Vanessa Springora's testimony changes the game

The writer's taste for “under 16s” and for sex tourism with young boys in Asia, which he has told in numerous books, has long been tolerated in the literary world. It was distinguished in 2013 by the Renaudot essay prize.

But Vanessa Springora's testimony seems to be a game-changer. Even before its release on January 2, Le Consent was talked about in a context of denunciation of sexual violence marked in particular by the recent accusations by actress Adèle Haenel against filmmaker Christophe Ruggia.


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