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Katy Perry has fought depression several times, and this time, if she has managed to get out of it, it is thanks to the help of her fiancé, Orlando Bloom. Roar's interpreter also described him as "someone who seeks balance at all costs" in the pages of the Indian edition of Vogue .

“I have a partner who is on a spiritual journey all by himself. It is the anchor that keeps me going. He is not the biggest fan of Katy Perry, but he is the biggest fan of Katheryn Hudson, "she revealed to the publication, mentioning her baptismal name.

The trap of depression

According to her, there is a trap in which artists easily fall: that of believing that you have to suffer to be productive.

“The biggest lie that we are told about as an artist is that you have to be in pain to create. I don't want to be emotionally distressed all my life in order to write songs, ”she adds.


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