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The protagonist of the song 'Cayetano' by the Madrid band Carolina During no longer votes to Citizens, now votes to Vox, because recent changes in the national political landscape have penetrated even the lyrics of the songs.

The bass player of Carolina Durante, Martín Vallhonrat , explained that the song 'Cayetano' is part of the repertoire of his concert this Friday at the Current Festival 2020 of Logroño, where the group shares the stage with Igor Paskual and Zahara.

'Cayetano', one of the songs that had the most repercussion in Spain during the past year, describes with "irony and exaggeration" a concrete profile of Spanish citizen who, according to his followers, the band has known "to portray very well", has explained his bass player.

In one of his stanzas, he refers to the fact that these 'Cayeans' vote for Citizens, although Vallhonrat has pointed out that, after the general elections of November 10 , Ibanez has changed that part in his concerts for "now they vote for Vox."

Together with Diego Ibáñez (voice), Mario del Valle (guitar) and Juan Pedrayes (drums) formed in 2017 Carolina Durante, whose first self-titled album has made him one of the revelation groups of the Spanish music scene.

He has advanced that they will release their next album "probably in 2021" , with more lively sounds, "but without losing the rawness" that characterizes the lyrics of their songs.

In his second work will include his new songs released last month, 'Not so young' and 'New vices', he said.

The bassist of Carolina During has assured that Ibáñez has already begun to compose the singles of his future album, which will talk about "the loss of referents and interests" during the personal stage experienced by young people around 25 years, average age of the members of the band.

"When you are younger, you imagine a totally different 25-year-old you, but in reality, when you arrive there are not so many changes," he explained about his next album, in which they will deal with that "discontent" it feels to think that one is going "to change a lot".

In just two years and with more than 100 concerts on the tour of presentation of his first album, Carolina During has positioned itself as "the Spanish group with the greatest presence in festivals during 2019", with well-known songs like 'Cayetano' and 'El hymn headline ', that "they penetrate so much between the young people, like between the parents".

Vallhonrat has assured that his music "does not focus on a specific audience" and that they are not inspired "by anything in particular", although he has acknowledged that they have as reference other Spanish formations, such as Los Punsetes and Los Planetas .

He stressed that Ibáñez, singer and songwriter of the band, is "very autobiographical" and loads the lyrics of "rawness, without crazy metaphors or gossip phrases, with direct words from you to you".

The members of the Madrid band have stated in several interviews that they began in music "for entertainment", Vallhonrat has acknowledged that they did not expect "so much media impact" and that, thanks to this, they now live on music and do not rule out continuing to do so " .

He does not believe that the band is part of a new movement within the Spanish music scene, since he thinks that only a few groups really stand out, among them he has cited Cupido and Cariño, "but they are of different styles" than Carolina During, opinion

After this Friday's concert in Logroño "they will continue touring" through cities of Spanish geography such as Vigo, Salamanca and Lugo, among others.

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