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Anna Odell's new art project: Trying to place men in rocking chairs


Can the gynecologist's chair be used as a symbol of vulnerability? That question explores the artist Anna Odell in her new film project "The Investigation". In the film, well-known men such as Jan Guillou, Börje Salming and Thomas Bodström talk about masculinity, power and weakness, and are offered to carry out a gender examination.

The purpose of the film is to investigate "weakness, vulnerability and empathy" according to a press release. Among other things, the journalist Göran Greider, the program manager Mark Levengood and the chairman of the Swedish Sports Federation Björn Eriksson are invited to a talk about power, equality and masculinity.

As part of the work, the male participants are invited to participate in a gynecological examination, and sit in a gynecologist's chair. Whether any of the contributors accept the offer is not clear from the trailer, which was released on Friday.

- When I met the men, I wanted to find out how they view strength and vulnerability, respectively. Do you risk losing something if you prove vulnerable and if so what? Dare a man with power prove fragile or vulnerable? If he doubts what is he afraid of? , says Anna Odell in the press release.

Feminist festival theme

The film will be shown at the Gothenburg Film Festival between January 26 and February 2, where visitors who watch the film will be faced with a choice that "affects the movie experience".

- The work drills deeply on issues that are personal, political and extremely relevant to this year's festival focus on equality and feminism. I really look forward to the work being able to meet the festival audience, ”says Jonas Holmberg, artistic director at the Gothenburg Film Festival, in the press release.

Anna Odell broke through 2009 with the controversial performance work "Unknown Woman", where she played mentally ill and was forcibly disposed of by mental health care. She has also directed the films Reutträffen and X&Y.

Source: svt

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