Time to respond to corporate cyber attacks Japan ranks ninth out of 11 countries December 31 5:22


According to an information security company surveying the attitudes of companies in each country against cyber attacks, Japan was ranked ninth out of 11 countries targeted for the time taken from the time of the attack until the response was completed, Challenges remained.

CrowdStrike, an information security company, surveyed 1900 people, including those in 11 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Japan.

As a result, the average time it took for a company to receive a cyber attack and finish containment measures was 67 hours in Mexico, 70 hours in the UK, and 101 hours in the United States.

On the other hand, Japan was ranked ninth out of 11 countries in 223 hours, leaving corporate security measures to be a challenge.

In addition, 80% of companies in the 11 countries surveyed said that there were cases in which unauthorized access could not be prevented in the past year, most of which took too long to detect an attack It was that.

Tetsuya Kawai of CrowdStrike, who surveyed, said, "Similar to security at factories, the speed of response is important in the Internet world to prevent damage. Cyber ​​attacks are expected to increase with the hosting of the Olympics. Companies also need to take appropriate measures. "