We run the risk that soon it will not be news that Pedro Sánchez has betrayed another commitment. He has done so many times and on matters so serious that his only coherence already consists only of perpetual incoherence. It would be said that his contempt for the principle of non-contradiction is a personal reformulation of postmodern relativism, but Sanchez is not a philosopher. It does not act with an intellectual plan. It limits itself to fleeing forward to survive in power , and to this cesarist purpose it subordinates the logic, its word, the dignity of state institutions and now also pensions.

On October 7, with the electoral machinery underway and after presenting his program for the November 10 elections, the presidential candidate and today the investiture made the following promise: "I announce that this December we will update pensions around the real CPI. " Well, yesterday his minister-spokesman - the president refused to appear to make an annual balance, breaking a tradition of 15 years - announced that he was freezing the promised rise until the government was formed. That is to say, Sánchez takes nine million pensioners without blush as hostages of his investiture . Recall that the last increase was agreed by the Rajoy Executive and the PNV in exchange for the support of the Basque nationalists to the 2018 accounts, which remain in force before the socialist inability to approve their own. In this way, Sánchez becomes the second socialist president after Zapatero who freezes pensions, something that the PP never did.

We are not facing any breach. The revaluation of pensions appears as the first of the 35 measures that make up the electoral program of the PSOE . It was his star measure. The other stellar proposal of a campaign raised from the political center was to combat independence -whose street factions had just burned Barcelona-, intervening "sectarianism" of TV3 and promoting the recovery of the crime of referendum suppressed by Zapatero.

But that of pensions has not been the only promise broken yesterday by the Government with the obvious purpose of pressuring its partners to unblock the situation and make it president at once. The same applies to the salary of officials, who will not record the salary increase of at least 2% that was set for this year. And the same happens with the new rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) to about 1,000 euros demanded by Podemos and that will only take place when Sanchez is invested, according to Isabel Celaá.

To the pressures on the State Advocacy so that its delayed opinion please Oriol Junqueras, erected from the jail in key of government, Sanchez now adds the blackmail of the pensions, the SMI and the salary of the civil servants. Neither the separation of powers nor the unity of action of the State against the process nor now the social agenda: no principle is strong enough for the tenant of La Moncloa to respect it without degrading it to the currency status of its permanence in the power.

When he declared that he would not be president at any price, he might tell the truth: perhaps it will only be at the highest price.

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