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It could not be otherwise. She, the absolute protagonist of GH VIP 7 had to be also the absolute protagonist of The final Debate of GH VIP 7 . Yes, I speak, how could it be otherwise, of Adara Molinero , the winner of GH VIP . But being the absolute protagonist of something, being the winner of the most watched reality TV show does not mean that what counts, what it shows and what it says is true. If I was already clear when I was in the house that Adara was showing us two faces, last night the few doubts that remained were cleared at the speed of light.

It is no longer just that her own companions, even with those who shared the last hours inside the house of GH VIP 7 , uncover the two faces of the winner of the reality show , is that she herself showed that she did not even know it within the home , neither was sincere during his contest, nor now can nor wants to be .

I know that the situation that has been found after three months of isolation and confinement is one of the most complicated that a GH VIP winner has been found . I know that there are many things that you cannot talk about, many things that you cannot say, many things that you must hide for your sake and that of your little one, but there are others that as a winner and as the absolute protagonist of GH VIP 7 have to explain, and not only explain, you have to do it right, it has to sound credible. But when the explanations are lies, when the explanations do not tell the reality, the only thing that can leave there is confusion, doubts and the occasional 'my mother' , which is the tagline that Adara uses every time she does not know where to leave .

Nor is I worth the final Debate of GH VIP 7 . Keep in mind that the program was recorded the day after the final and that it was a week later. In those seven days it is not that everything has happened, it is that everything has changed , it is that none has been silent, it is that the magazine covers and the programs of the house have already monopolized everything and have already told everything.

Last night, the program sounded to old man, to expired , to what they are telling me if everything has changed afterwards, if nothing they are saying is true. I understand that the producer decides to record The Debate and do it hours after the final, but it makes no sense if she knows that one is going to go through the sets and the other will give a magazine the statements that last night in The Debate did not count because , according to her, could not, because he did not want to hurt, because there is a child, his son, in between, and because his mother and I do not know how many more people have advised them not to do so. Sounds like a scam, a hoax, a big lie .

Adara and her silences

Is that for every question that Jordi González asked her and Gianmarco, the third in discord, it was known that it was not real because this week they have already told everything, while in El Debate they did not tell anything. Thank God that Alba Carrillo , Mila Ximénez or Hugo Castejón were left to give the viewer something that did not sound outdated. Yes, Adara Molinero and her story - I do not intend to call her love - with Gianmarco and her son's father, Hugo Sierra, occupied 80% of all the final Debate of GH VIP 7 . Too bad, and tired and tired a lot because everything they say has an aroma of falsehood impregnated, an aroma of assembly, an aroma of strategy, an aroma of deceit .

Is it really that someone is going to believe that 24 hours after Gianmarco went up to the house for the end of his Adari, and kissed her, and gave her flowers, and told her that "you love", everything has collapsed because Adara has not spent a little time of his time to clarify his things? It sounds like a high school playground. Is anyone really going to believe that 24 hours after eating his mouth as if there were no tomorrow, Gianmarco was going to make a charge because it was not the time or place? To another dog with that bone. Is anyone really going to believe that story - I still don't call it love? Yes, there will be those who believe it, but after what was seen last night I have no doubt that love, oranges from China , and what I have clear is that Gianmarco , no matter how much truth machine he said I was in love, he approached Adara for the interest I love you Andrés . Just as Ivana Icardi was approached in the Italian GH. If none is released here.

I see logically that in The Debate of GH VIP 7 Adara it was prudent and would not want to add more firewood. The family situation you have requires a lot of caution . I will not criticize in any case that I decided to remain silent waiting to see how the events developed after his departure from the house. The tension that was seen last night in the final Debate of GH VIP 7 between them two and the reproaches of the Italian to his Adari are the clearest example that there is no one who creates this story.

"I don't want to force anything," the Italian told him justifying the cobra he made to Adara when she, after the recalcitrant insistence of Jordi González, agreed to kiss him. No, he did not want to force anything, but he did not hesitate to throw it in his face that he had not called him, that he had left messages and that he had paid no attention.

But let's see, creature, you don't realize that this girl has thrown herself locked in the house for three months and that when she has left all her life she is upside down and that there is a child in the middle. You have to be very childish, and I speak of both, to be reproaching yourself if an Instagram message, that if a "thank you" that felt bad, that if my mother has told me, that if I do not trust, that if you, that yes I ... By God, that school just ended for them a long time ago! But even so, I understand that Adara would n't want to pull that thread.

Adara's two faces

Now, what is not of receipt is that Jordi González asked him about things that have happened in the house, for things that have marked his reality, for things that have been very criticized and that still continue to overshadow his contest , and Adara continues Showing the hidden side of his being.

I mean when Jordi González tells her that she has been a fair winner - what will she say - and that the only thing that has been criticized of her contest - less bad that then there were those who swept under the bed and took out all the fluff - is that it was shielded in that I did not know that they were recording it when he put down a donkey that was then his partner and revealed things so intimate that even me, that I have nothing to do with them, I was ashamed .

She goes on to say that she really thought it was a private conversation, that she was not recording, that they were not going to broadcast it, and remained in her thirteen, even when all her classmates, including those who are supposedly her great supports, They warned and reproached him that they all knew that he was recording, but that they thought they would not broadcast it. Let's see pitcher's soul! She, who was in GH 17 , who knew perfectly what the operation and the rules of reality , which was the second time she has lived, it is impossible that she was not aware that those conversations in which she called her partner "lazy" , in which he said that they had not had sexual relations for months, in which he confessed that everything was over and that the only thing that stopped him was the issue of custody, in which he revealed that he had fallen in love with Gianmarco , they were recording second to second and that they were going to emit.

Even so, I don't think that's what Adara should be criticized the most. It may be that after several months locked up you will reach a point where you forget that there are hundreds of cameras watching you and recording every step you take. I think that the problem of those images is not what Adara said, which is quite understandable, but that it said one thing and then did and said the opposite. There he claimed to be up to the fig of his son's father and then proclaimed his love for him to the four winds. There he said he felt something for Gianmarco and then asked Hugo Sierra to come up to visit her because he missed him and because he loved him so much. There said A and then B. Adara's double game.

The same double game he had with Hugo Castejón . How Alba Carrillo hunted her last night! When they put the images of Adara telling Master Joao that he was his great friend and his great support gave him "disgust", ensuring that "he was crazy", revealing that he could not stand him anymore, Alba's faces were the representation of what that many of us feel the day they were issued. Alba could not understand what he said about his great friend and then his behavior with him inside the house was like that of the friend who feels a great emptiness because the relationship is no longer what it was. Alba, I encourage you .

Adara got into a garden from which she could not leave even with the help of Kiko Jiménez , who threw not a cape but a dozen so that the winner of GH VIP 7 was not up to the bitumen. Not saying that Hugo Castejón has always been in love with Adara could get out of the quagmire. Neither could explain nor their arguments clarify anything. While Alba hunted her full, she held on to the conversation was already after, that they had already broken their friendship, that she had already been clear with Hugo Castejón. It is to piss and not drop. Is it really believed that people did not see what really happened and when it happened?

With how easy it would have been to say, well yes, I betrayed him ; yes, it was from him to the fig; Well, yes, I did not dare to tell him things at the time; Well, yes, A said again and then did B. Well, no, Adara continued to grab the film that she has mounted on her head and showed again that she played the game with the dirtiest strategies.

What he did to Hugo Castejón was a book betrayal. They were friends, they had been his biggest supporters and when Hugo Castejón returned home to the house, Adara did not want to know anything about him because he was no longer useful for his contest. So instead of being a brave and breaking into the face, she feared that the audience would penalize her and preferred to mount a movie, which ended up being discovered, again, for her indiscretions.

If Adara had not had that conversation in which he put Hugo Castejón to fall from a donkey, the play would have been perfect. But it is what GH has, that you cannot be fooling three months 24 hours a day and in the end the truth always comes to light. And as they caught her, her strategy was none other than fighting like a belly-up cat in that gala when when Jorge Javier Vázquez asked her about her relationship with Hugo Castejón , she lost her head or made her lose her and released toads and snakes for its mouth. No wonder Alba Carrillo freaked out last night with her.

Confrontation between Alba Carrillo and Mila Ximénez

And is that Alba was sown . When it is calm, when it rethinks Alba Carrillo says truths like temples. He did it last night with Adara and he also did it with Mila Ximénez when they showed him the images in which Sálvame's collaborator and third finalist put her down from a donkey. They starred in one of the most tense moments of the final Debate of GH VIP 7 - it must be said that it was a debate of the lightest I remember - but Alba Carrillo did not lose the papers at any time. And without losing them, he gave Mila Ximénez an open hand without a single hair being disheveled.

"We have been there for many days and my love has been sincere, it is what I stay with (...) When I heard it in the end it hurt, but we are very similar and I think what he says there is not what he feels " . A few words that sat like a shot at Mila Ximénez that brought out what had happened in one of her last confessionals, when she entered more than hurt because of Alba's fault.

But Alba did not lie down and she got a "problem is that you see what others do, but not what you do , " which rumbled throughout Mediaset. And just as it has been seen in these three months when Mila has no arguments to defend herself or to debate, she falls into a silly and stupid mockery, with whom she believes that she is hurting the one in front of her, but that she is really hurting herself. . "It's been three months in which the tripota hurt you and I went to the sweet potato." What a fabric ... It's one level ... "Don't treat me silly, Mila, because silly I have pussy hair . " Hala! They are of a fine.

"You are already pissing me off, because I am telling you well and I am trying to temper and I am saying that I am left with the good and you are trying to fool me. And I will not pass it on, " Alba Carrillo snapped, we already know where not She has no dumb hair. In the house they supported themselves to survive, but they are no longer in the house and they don't have to endure or keep the forms, which they know little about.

In the end I am left with a phrase by Antonio David Flores that perfectly describes what this GH VIP 7 has been: "I had it all planned, it is a contestant of 10" . Indeed, after last night, after the last week and after three months of reality I know that Adara had many of the things planned. Not all or the details, but what I had to do. As the moments presented themselves, she played them knowing what could take her to the 100,000 euros briefcase. Yes, he played 10, but playing 10 doesn't mean you're the best .

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