"Funashi" visits children's hall with Santa in surprise Surprise Chiba Funabashi December 21 8:41


Prior to Christmas, the local character, Funashi, from Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, visited Santa's local children's house without notice on the 20th and received a warm welcome.

Every year at this time, Funashishi becomes a "Funa Santa" wearing Santa Claus costume and visits medical institutions and child care support facilities in Funabashi City.

Approximately 120 people, including families and elementary school students, gathered at Nishifuna Children's Home on the 20th, and a Christmas party was held with the participation of Mascot Ciba-kun, Chiba Prefecture, and Funabashi City's official character, Funamon.

There, "Funa Santa" appeared as a surprise, and a loud cheer was raised with a unique movement.

After giving presents and having fun with the children, Funassi gathered for a commemorative photo with his brother Funagoro and his pet Funassy. Were overjoyed.

The kindergarten girl said, "Funashi was cute and interesting."

Funashishi said, "Everyone smiles, Funashishi gave me a present, but on the contrary, I feel like I got a present. I will smile again next year and there will be the Olympics, so I want to be excited." I was talking.