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The 'watchers', that female collective that faithfully follows the ventures and misadventures of the royal costumes, is excited like circus fleas due to a photograph in which Flotus (First Lady of the United States) appears, in other words Melania Trump , with the same dress of Dries Van Noten that Mrs. Letizia wore a few weeks ago.

The most optimistic followers have launched themselves to say that Flotus copies SM and the most "enragés", that is, furious or rabid, that the dress of the Flemish designer suits our First Lady better. The most impartial think that the previous "flip in colors" (sic), since neither Flotus has seen the photos of our Queen, nor copy to anyone and that whatever she wears falls better because she is a flag woman.

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Although one sector of the public is critical of Melania for the mere fact of being the wife of Potus (President of the United Sates), read Donald Trump, the other, that of the lords who dream of curvy ladies, considers Melania to be bomb.

It must be recognized that only two centuries ago Mr. Trump's consort, like the famous Aimée du Buc de Rivéry of 'The Night of the Serral,' would have been the favorite wife of any sultan who prized himself because of his wonderful color and for those generous curves

And speaking of slavery, many believe that poor Flotus is a woman-trophy locked in that golden cage that is the presidential mansion of Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue.

Letizia in the same dress as Melania of the Belgian designer Dries van Noten

Other watchers, those with more wandering minds, see in the election of Van Noten's cocktail dress a veiled revenge of Melania for the supposed "faux pas", or what is the same, the mistake of Mrs. Letizia when she visited the White House in the same Michael Kors dress that Melania had worn just a year ago. The only difference was the tone of the garment in question. And the curves.

Whatever it is, the issue of who copies to whom: what if Meghan copies Letizia and if the Queen copies Rania and is Meghan or Kate begins to get a little tired . If you follow fashion fashion, it is very possible that the stylist chooses the star model of a collection as happened this year with Mary of Denmark, Victoria of Sweden, and Letizia of Spain itself. One more reflection of the much vaunted globalization ...

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