A clothes drying machine burned the home of a simple British family of 9-year-old mother and son with autism.

After the fire that broke out in their home located in the city of Hertford Shire, Lisa Camilleri and her son Alvie became homeless and each of them lived in a separate place, as Lisa now lives in a temporary residence, while two thousand moved to live with his married sister.

"While I was waiting for the machine to finish drying the clothes, I heard a big bang. I went in the wheelchair to the sound source and was surprised by the flames coming up from the dryer," Lisa told a British newspaper, The Mirror.

She added, "I panicked and quickly called the emergency service, before I went out of the house with my baby in pajamas."

Lisa, 51, warned of the dangers of not insuring the house against the fire, because she suffered from this issue and became homeless because she was unable to update the contents of the house and notify the insurance company.

Although the insurance company paid $ 6000 to the woman, the amount was not sufficient to rehabilitate her home, which needed at least $ 14,000.

It is reported that the Housing Society granted temporary housing to the woman until she was able to repair her house and return to it, according to the newspaper "Mirror" reported.