Jumanji: The Next Level

Two years after the release of the film "Jumanji: Call of the Jungle", the continuation of the story of the adventures of four friends in the digital world is released. Having barely escaped certain death the last time, they again set off on a dangerous journey. This time the company has to save Spencer, who wanted to escape from the problems of growing up and again feel like Dr. Bravestone.

The cast of the previous film was joined by Danny De Vito, Danny Glover and Aquafina. The main antagonist was played by Rory McCann. Interestingly, now the central role performers - Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart - will demonstrate two images each (spoiler: they are waiting for one additional transformation). In general, the triquel in its spirit is not much different from the sequel, but still acquires some additional meanings.


The courier in the eponymous action movie directed by Familiar Strangers Zachary Adler is played by Olga Kurylenko. By coincidence, her heroine is involved in a criminal showdown. She is forced to confront an influential businessman named Mannings, who should not be sent to jail today or tomorrow.

Mannings does not intend to put up with this state of affairs. Even under house arrest, he manages to organize the liquidation of a witness to the murder he committed. Mannygs and his henchmen will be prevented by the courier from removing the eyewitness.

Together with Kurilenko, Gary Oldman (Dark Times, Leon), William Mosley (franchise of The Chronicles of Narnia), Amit Shah (Breathe for Us) and Dermot Mulroney (Wedding of a Best Friend) starred in the film.

One magic night (On a Magical Night)

Frenchman Christoph Honore (“All songs are only about love”) made a fabulously comical film about adultery and polygamy, which a middle-aged married Parisian Maria allows herself. While her husband Richard is trying to survive the truth that has fallen on him about the personal life of his wife, she leaves the house and settles in a hotel across the road.

Maria watches the suffering spouse from the window of the room and analyzes her marriage. But the most interesting thing is that the company of the heroine is made up of a dead mother who appeared to her as if in reality, several former lovers and Richard himself. Only 25 year old.

The main role in the film was played by Chiara Mastroianni, who in 2019 received the Cannes Film Festival award.

Policeman from Rublevka: New Year's lawlessness 2

The team of the series “Policeman from Rublevka” continues to experiment with the full-length format: the movie will again show New Year's Eve at the Barvikha police.

The eve of the main holiday. The department is thriving, Yakovlev is about to be awarded the next rank. So on December 31, the heroes plan to escape from official worries. However, they will have to work a little: the feast is spoiled by the “animal gang” that robbed the jewelry store.

And this time it will not do without funny situations, ridiculous brawls and grotesque male proceedings on the topic "who is cooler." A lot of jokes are devoted to cinema: the creators of the tape quote New Year’s classics "Home Alone", teasing former colleague Alexander Petrov and his new roles.

Wild Goose Lake (Nan fang che zhan de ju hui)

Five years ago, the Chinese director Diao Yinan received the main prize of the Berlin Film Festival for the film “Black Coal, Thin Ice”. This year, his crime drama Lake of the Wild Geese, filmed close to the aesthetic traditions of the neon tapes of Nicholas Winding Refn, was selected to participate in the main Cannes film screening competition.

Zhou Zengong is a middle-level criminal authority, the leader of a gang that trades in motorcycle theft. As soon as he leaves the prison, he goes to a gathering of criminals, and during this meeting he accidentally kills a policeman. Wounded Zengong seeks shelter from the authorities, and even accidentally meets a prostitute Liu Aiai. She will either hand over the hero of the police, or help him get out of a difficult situation.

Dogs don’t wear pants (Koirat eivät käytä housuja)

At first glance, it might seem that the new film by the Finnish director and screenwriter Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää is dedicated to the BDSM phenomenon and will be interesting to people who are exclusively keen on this subculture. In the end, the plot of the picture is built around this topic: the father of a teenage girl, the widower of Juha, suddenly begins to visit the dominatrix. This is shown to the viewer. However, it quickly becomes obvious that the hero’s behavior is due to severe psychological trauma that occurred after the death of his wife. For something, Juha needs to torture himself with the hands of a new acquaintance. Why and for what - the viewer has to find out.

Most critics managed to get to the truth: the average rating of the film, according to Rotten Tomatoes, is 89%. Experts praise directing, acting and even the musical accompaniment of the picture.

“The strand plays closed and detached, the mental state of his character is more clearly conveyed by music. Echoing, mismatched sounds refer to his painful and devastating loss, and later acquire a more intrusive and restless tone as Juha surrenders to the desire to be brought to the limit, ”writes Screen Daily.