The UAE is a loving and peaceful country, and it fully believes in the need to preserve the Gulf Cooperation Council, and seeks to build on the achievements made, and to continue the path of joint Gulf action, therefore the UAE’s participation in the current Gulf Cooperation Council Summit stems from its commitment to the Gulf work, and its belief in the need to continue and succeed this The regional bloc is important, and it is also fully convinced of the need to preserve the Cooperation Council, build on the achievements made, and continue the path of joint Gulf action.

The crisis with Qatar continues, and the basis for the solution remains the necessity to address its roots between Qatar and the four countries. The UAE has a clear and explicit stance, as it always affirms that the differences in the region have no clear and lasting settlement unless they are based on respecting the principles of national sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs. For states, and adherence to the treaties and conventions that regulate international relations, are firm principles, and the main causes of any dispute must be addressed if there is a real desire to resolve it.

The UAE believes deeply in the pivotal role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is a pioneering and pivotal role in the region, and it represents the main regional weight in the various files, and Saudi Arabia leads the axis of Arab moderation, which constitutes a real guarantee for the security, stability and prosperity of the region, so the Saudi-Emirati strategic partnership adds to the strength and strength of the Council. Gulf Cooperation, and enhances its ability to activate joint action.

The integration of Saudi-Emirati efforts and concerted efforts entrenches the concept of joint Gulf action, which emerges from the Gulf Cooperation Council, which is the main umbrella for coordination and cooperation.

The UAE is committed to the Gulf Cooperation Council, and it will remain supportive of all its components and devices. Despite everything that has happened, it is considered one of the most successful regional systems that have been able to cooperate and integrate in many economic and social areas, and it is one of the most important and successful regional systems.

No one can deny the successes of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and it is sufficient that it was based on the main pillars of joint action and unity of destiny, and it has many achievements that affected the entire Gulf work. During the past decades, the Council achieved successes in the economic and social fields, which was directly reflected on the peoples Gulf, and away from the political and military aspects, the economic and social aspects are the pillars of success in the march of the GCC states.

More importantly, the experience of the Cooperation Council is an experience based on mutual respect and common interests, and it has proven its ability to continue to work for the well-being and prosperity of the peoples of the region. Therefore, the UAE continues to support joint Gulf action, and will continue its efforts to preserve this vital and important entity.

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