Nobel Prize Akira Yoshino is a professor at Meijo University.

The Nobel Prize award ceremony was held at dawn on the 11th of Japan time, and a voice of joy was heard again at Meijo University in Nagoya City, where Professor Akira Yoshino, who was selected as a Chemistry Prize winner, is a professor.

At the corner of the university that celebrated Mr. Yoshino's award, the person in charge posted a picture of Mr. Yoshino sent from a staff member who accompanied Stockholm.

Mr. Chizuko Kawai from the public affairs of Meijo University said, “The local scene is very gorgeous, and I am trying to get students to know. .

Mr. Yoshino gave a lecture at the graduate school once a week, and the voice of joy was also heard from the students before receiving the award.

Mr. Yoshiya Iwatsuki, who saw the commemorative lecture “Nobel Lecture” that Mr. Yoshino gave in Stockholm in the news, “In the future, society will change due to a mix of AI and electric vehicle technology, in which case lithium-ion batteries will be used. I was talking about it being useful, and I thought it was being spoken in the lecture. I would like to ask about the award ceremony when the teacher returns, "he said.

Mr. Takaaki Arakawa of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering said, “I thought it was very difficult to read the flow of the era that the teacher achieved, and yesterday ’s lecture was canceled at the award ceremony. I would be happy to give a Nobel Lecture during the supplementary class. "