Swedish pop star Marie Fredriksson passed away on Monday night at the age of 61. 34 years ago she together with Per Gessle formed the band Roxette. This is how Per Gessle writes about Marie Fredriksson in a statement:

“Time goes by so fast. It feels like just recently when Marie and I were sitting in my little apartment in Halmstad sharing dreams. And what a fantastic dream we got to share! Thank you Marie, thank you for EVERYTHING. You were a truly unique musician, a singer on a level we will hardly ever experience again. You painted my black and white songs with the most beautiful colors. You were a wonderful friend for over forty years. I am proud, honored and happy to have shared so much of your time, your talent, your warmth, generosity and humor. All my love for you and your family. Things will never be the same. ”

As late as 2018, Per Gessle toured with Roxette's songs.

- It's a decision that Marie and I have made in unison. Marie also wants Roxette to live on, he told TT then.

SVT reported · How do you remember Marie Fredriksson?


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