NHK Next President, Mr. Maeda, “I want to cherish high-quality programs” December 10th, 19:30

Mr. Yasunobu Maeda, who was appointed as the next president of NHK, said at the press conference, "I want to cherish the creation of publicly trusted programs that continue to provide high-quality programs."

The NHK Management Committee unanimously decided to appoint Mizuho Financial Group's former president and Honorary Advisor Nobunobu Maeda to replace NHK Chairman Ryoichi Ueda, whose term of office expires on January 24.

Maeda is 74 years old. He served as president and chairman of the Mizuho Financial Group.

Mr. Maeda interviewed 10 journalists and said, “I was going to take a heavy responsibility. I was most surprised by the sudden nomination, but I knew the situation of NHK as soon as possible and did a job suitable for public broadcasting. I want to go. "

And about future ambitions, “Because it ’s a public broadcast, it ’s all about creating programs that people can trust. It ’s weird if you ’re just looking at the audience rating. I want to cherish it to continue. "

In response to a question from the reporters about the sense of distance from the administration, Mr. Maeda said, “What is important is fairness. Fairness and neutrality. I think it's natural for the news media to check on the status of the exercise of power, so keep a decent distance. "

Mr. Maeda's term of office as NHK president will be three years from 25th of next month.