Arab economic performance in general is very low, which is below the required level, and cannot be compared with the economies of the existing global blocs, a very wide difference between them, despite many of the ingredients and capabilities available between the corners of this great Arab nation.

The Arab region is home to 8.5% of the world's population, but it contributes to 3.4% of the global GDP, and attracts only 4% of foreign direct investment. If we compare these investments with other economic regions, the gap between them reaches 100 billion dollars. It is very unfortunate!

Worse, the volume of intra-Arab trade between the Arab countries amounts to 16%, and if we exclude oil, the numbers will reach shameful levels, while the volume of intra-trade between the European Union countries for example amounts to 63%, 52% in Asia and the Pacific, and in terms of numbers, The size of the gap between us and them is 200 billion dollars!

These numbers and many others, reviewed by speakers and thinkers who were attracted by the Arab Strategic Forum, are undoubtedly an accurate diagnosis of the real crises that the Arab world suffers from, the crisis of economic integration and cooperation, the crisis of focusing on politics and moving away from the economy, and the crisis of rushing behind slogans and ideologies that do not fatten or enrich the people from Hunger and the crisis prioritize.

Therefore, we, as an Arab nation and an Arab homeland, cannot rise, compete with countries and global blocs, unless everyone sets their priorities, and unless everyone puts the cart of economy and economic cooperation in front of all other vehicles to lead the region to progress and development.

Analysts, experts and thinkers do not hold a great deal of optimism during the next ten years, but they believe that the worst has passed on the Arab world, and the next cannot be worse than it was, because unrest and political instability may continue in some countries during the coming period, but in exchange for that There are Arab blocs that are on the path to reform, and the volume of violence in the Arab world is much less than it was, and there is a clear return to the national state, offset by a decline in sectarianism, and these matters all constitute the beginnings of hope.

The existence of this hope, with the mobilization of three main enablers to boost trade between the countries of the region, is necessary to achieve a qualitative shift in the economies of the Arab world, as analysts see in the Strategic Forum. Another vital one, the most important of which is opening the region’s markets between each other, removing regulatory restrictions between Arab countries, and providing freedom of movement of resources and businessmen by facilitating commercial and economic activities including freedom of movement of goods and services, in addition to setting common quality standards to raise the levels of Arab goods Most of which are currently suffering poor level.

These simple capabilities, changes and facilities will have an impact that no one can expect. Analysts expected their potential impact to create an increase in the Arab GDP of 7.8%. This increase equals $ 231 billion in funds completely and completely. Can we imagine the economic and social situation? The Arab after entering this wealth in the economies of his countries ?!

This is the tip of the abundance of the capabilities and capabilities of the Arabs, but unfortunately it is stalled by the will and internal decision of some countries that insist on adhering to slogans that are out of date, and with external interference and control from some regional countries that do not wish good for the Arabs, and do not wish that the Arab countries reach this level, so when we pay attention And we wake up from this inattention, which has lasted for more than seventy years!

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