"Abdul Rashid" ((64-year-old Pakistani) suffers from type 2 diabetes 10 years ago, and his complications increased, which caused him high blood pressure and cholesterol, and he needs medicines for one year, at a cost of 8220 dirhams, but his financial capabilities do not allow him to manage the amount And appeals to the people of goodness to help him to secure the cost of his medications.

And "Abdul Rashid" narrated the story of his suffering with the disease, saying that his health condition deteriorated 10 years ago, as he was permanently dehydrated in his throat, a constant desire to drink water, his desire to eat doubled, his weight suddenly lost, lack of clarity of vision, and his constant feeling of tiredness , And his wounds are not recovered quickly.

He added that as a result of his deteriorating health condition, he went to the emergency department in the medical city of Shakhbout in Abu Dhabi, where tests showed that he suffers a sharp rise in the percentage of sugar and an imbalance in the work of the pancreas, which resulted in not producing enough insulin in the body, which caused disturbances in The processes of building and destroying metabolism, and caused him to develop type 2 diabetes.

He continued: «The doctor prescribed medications for diabetes for me, and I kept eating them until the blood sugar level was adjusted, and the doctor advised me to follow a diet, walk daily, and perform periodic checks every six months.

He added that diabetes led to complications, including high pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation in the joints, and he needs to take medications regularly, and in the absence of medication this will cause him complications, which is dangerous for his life.

He continued, “The cost of medicines for one year is 8220 dirhams, and I am unable to provide even a small part of the amount, as I am the only breadwinner for my family, and I work in one of the private entities with a salary of 4000 dirhams, and my family consists of 5 individuals, and I appeal to the people of goodness, to help me to manage the cost pharmaceutical".

- Tests showed that

The patient has a height

Sharp in sugar

Malfunctioning work

The pancreas.