“A bear in the clinic…” Doesn't move? Did you choose a hibernation place? December 8, Niigata 17:06

On the morning of the 8th, a bear was found entering a warehouse at a clinic in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture. The bear is not moving at all, and specialists have chosen it for hibernation.

Around 8:45 am on the 8th, a reporter called “There is a bear in the clinic” came to the police from a contractor at the Futsukamachi clinic in Futsukamachi, Minamiuonuma City.

A police officer struck and found a bear lying down on the first floor used as a warehouse.

According to the police, bears react when they shine on their eyes, but they do not move at all and appear to be sleeping.

This clinic also has a rehabilitation facility, and there were about 40 users at that time, but the clinic stopped the 8th examination and the user returned home. .

There are no injured people.

The police are wary of movement around the area with the local hunting association.

Expert "Isn't a suitable hibernation place, is it an emergency measure?"

Professor Hideo Higuchi of Niigata University's Faculty of Agriculture, who is familiar with the ecology of bears, says, “Now, it was a period of hibernation of bears, and I chose a clinic without finding a suitable place such as a rock hole or a tree. “There was a lot of bears coming to the satoyama because of the lack of food, and we were searching for food near the city until just before hibernation. I think it is an emergency measure for the bears.”