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“Wide-angle” Cords and musical “killers”: how did the “knockouts” stage on the “Voice” show begin?


In the eighth season of the vocal television project “Voice”, the “knockout” stage began. Participants perform in three, each with a separate song, the mentor leaves one contestant in the show, while one of the drop-outs can be taken by another member of the jury. Already in this release in the teams there have been permutations. Also, the beginning of a new stage was remembered by non-standard interpretations of famous songs and unexpected poppuri. Read more about the first day of “knockouts” - in the material RT.

On the Voice show, KOs kicked off. Teams perform in triples. Unlike the previous stage, now the fate of each participant is decided immediately by all the mentors. After the speech, any of them can save the retired ward of a colleague and invite him to his team. However, this right is only allowed to be exercised once per season.

“Knockouts” opened the team of Polina Gagarina. The first three included Ekaterina Steblina, Anastasia Markova and Iva Todorova.

Markova in the original manner interpreted the recent "viral" hit of the group "Mushrooms" - "The ice is melting." The composition acquired a more restrained sound, characteristic of foreign hits.

Iva Todorova, as in the previous stage, took the guitar to the stage: she played along with herself, performing Leonid Agutin’s song “Ole, Ole” with new, Latin American notes.

Yekaterina Steblina combined Blondie and Atas from the Lyube Russian team in her issue.

“The most interesting thing is to observe how the artist develops from stage to stage within the framework of our project,” Konstantin Meladze noted. He drew attention to the great creative work of the mentor, Polina Gagarina, and found characteristic female features in the overall result.

“Unfortunately, I liked everything too, so there will be no horror,” Sergei Shnurov praised the performance.

According to the decision of Polina Gagarina, Anastasia Markova remained in the project. The mentor also asked colleagues to take a closer look at her other wards - however, no one wanted to replenish their team with another participant.

The show continued with the performance of the team of Valery Syutkin.

“This is a team with the most difficult surnames, and only such a great professional as I could pronounce them,” said Dmitry Nagiev, inviting all the participants to the stage.

Syutkin retorted, noting that people with complex surnames harden life's difficulties. In this issue, Yegor Muskat, Nurzhigit Subankulov and Arsen Mukendi entered the music ring.

Yegor Muscat sang the hit "Like in War" of the group "Agatha Christie" - but in a harsher, more fatal sound.

Nurzhigit Subankulov got the hit of Chris Isaac's Wicked Game, also loved by participants in previous seasons of the Voice show.

The mentor entrusted Arsen Mukendi with his own song - “I Am What I Need,” which he not only performed as part of the Bravo group, but also independently wrote.

Sergei Shnurov again spoke positively about the performances and congratulated his colleague on the “wonderful debut”, and Konstantin Meladze admired the selection of songs, thanks to which the participants “opened like tea.”

Polina Gagarina especially noted Nurzhigita Subankulova. And although the three mentor opted for a singer from Congo, Subankulov was lucky to remain in the project: he was accepted into his team by Konstantin Meladze.

Irina Chuvakova, Arseniy Kurchanin and Ragda Khanieva were the first to come out of the team, led by Sergei Shnurov.

“Come on, my killers, come on,” the musician advised the wards.

During the rehearsals, the mentor discovered new qualities in them: for example, in Arseny Kurchanin Shnurov saw a drama artist, and about Khanieva said that the young singer wanted to try herself in a new role. This task has already been completed: the participant admitted that in the previous stage she felt like a rocker.

Irina Chuvakova in the “knockouts” presented the song “No more parties”, and began the number in the spirit of folk music, and later switched to rocker reading.

Arseny Kurchanin dedicated his speech to Polina Gagarina. In the image of a bully, he performed the hit of the group “Hands Up!”, “Only dreaming of you” - to the accompaniment of the button accordion, the composition acquired the shades of both Russian and French chanson. And to express his attitude towards the mentor more clearly, the musician poured a handful of sunflower seeds on her table.

In the issue of Ragda Khanieva, Sergey Shnurov decided to combine the songs Life and Bad Guy, known by Zivert and Billy Eilish, respectively.

Praising Chuvakova, Polina Gagarina at the same time scolded Shnurov for dramatic experiments and the repertoire as a whole: “You went out and took the hall for the very place that Sergey sings about in his songs.” The singer also noted that Arseny Kurchanin at the “blind auditions” was more intelligent and reprimanded the mentor for bad influence.

“This is what Shnurov knows how to do - his numbers cannot be called sluggish,” Valery Syutkin commented on the speeches. He also called his colleague's approach “wide-angle.”

The next stage went, in the words of Shnurov, Little Red Riding Hood - Ragda Khanieva.

The team of Meladze was played by Elizabeth Shaluba, Valery Mironov and Daniil Korolev.

Mironova sang the song Stevie Wonder Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing, and Elizaveta Shaluba presented her vision of Yuri Shatunov's hit “Starry Night”.

Daniil Korolev is one of the few who continued to perform in a corporate style and favorite genre: he performed the Belarusian folk song “By the Sea”. Sergei Shnurov could not ignore the fact that Belarus has no access to the sea.

Konstantin Meladze warned that he chooses not only the participant, but also in general the music that he wants to hear in the project in the future. Korolev remained in his team.

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