Humanity in its finest form, manifested here in the UAE, was the story of a child and a leader, a story that the world has not seen in a time like this, and I do not think it can be repeated elsewhere, not because there are no great leaders, but because humanity always precedes positions Here in the UAE.

The story of Mohammed bin Zayed, this great leader with his morals, humility and compassionate heart, and an innocent girl who tried with love and affection to approach him and peace be upon him, but could not, but only because he was busy doing a greater duty, this story is the greatest lesson in compassion and kindness to the young, The love of the people, the humanity of the leader.

The child was spontaneous and just wanted to touch his hand, and His Highness did not see her, this is the scene in short, it was a very ordinary scene, she realizes that just being selected in a group of children to be in this place, is an important thing calling for happiness and joy, and she knows and knows that the joy of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, with a great vision, so moved comfortably and spontaneously from its place to be closer to him, and everyone who watches the video will realize the joy and pleasure and a sense of love and affection clearly shown on the salute of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, he was very happy, and his fatherly smile The compassion was clear when seeing the children, and it was clear his eagerness to Wood shake hands with love during Astefaffhm to greet him and is the guest of the country's great, Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

So nothing extraordinary happened, and the whole situation is not wrong, and nothing regrettable, and may happen like that in any small house, and between any father and his child or his child, the father may be busy and not paying attention, but he will inevitably embrace his child or his child immediately after his attention, But Mohammed bin Zayed is not like any father, but is humanity, compassion and kindness, represented by a person, is a very big heart that never agrees to break the mind of a citizen or man, whatever his age or gender, so his reaction was different, and can not occur to the mind One.

As soon as he saw the situation, he felt a strange feeling, his ostentatious heart, and did not want to break the mind of a loving little girl, he never tolerated it, so he decided, without hesitation, to force her sake more than she had hoped, her wish was to touch his hand, so she came and kissed him Her hand, and her dream was a small handshake, surprised her by a special visit to her in her house, and sat next to him, but said to her one letter: «I came to apologize, because I did not see you .. God if I saw you stood and handed you»!

Thus, they are the leaders and rulers of the UAE, and so are the morals of everyone who graduated and learned in the school of Zayed bin Sultan, so we are the happiest people in the world, Khalifa bin Zayed did not spare us anything, and Mohammed bin Rashid makes every day to make happy small and big, and the heart of Mohammed bin Zayed for all citizens!

They thus exerted effort, money, precious and precious for the UAE and its people, lavished on the people of the UAE giving to all to live in prosperity and well-being, and giving them was never a monopoly on the material, but even tenderness, kindness, love and compassion, did not make it special for their children, but distributed them to all sons of the UAE. So what you see here in the UAE is hard for the world to see anywhere else!

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