Crimes for tricking supercomputer subsidies Former president imprisoned for 8 years imprisonment December 3 13:29

The prosecutor demanded eight years in prison for a former president of a venture company in Tokyo who was accused of guilty of cheating over $ 650 million in national grants over the development of a supercomputer.

Motoaki Saito, former president of Tokyo-based venture company “PEZY Computing” (51), fooled over 650 million yen in the supercomputer development country five years ago, and about 850 million yen They have been accused of fraud and violating corporate tax laws for evading tax while hiding their income.

In a trial held at Tokyo District Court on the 3rd, the prosecutor said, “The former president was cheating a large amount of subsidies through numerous disguise acts such as making a contract with a business partner. "The money is a vicious crime that personalized public subsidies, such as repayment of personal debts or diversified stocks," he said, and he was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

In the previous trials, President Saito has admitted that the fraud has been prosecuted, but he has been acquitted of tax evasion for some period, and the defense's final argument will be held next month.