According to an American study, starting at the age of 26, one is getting older and “dying” a little every day. This seems normal inevitable, but the real question arises: “What makes us age a little more or less every A day? »..« Is it a lifestyle or healthy nutrition or perhaps the psychological state of people going through them make them look older than they are ». Finally, it turns out that genes, and the way of life, determine the real age, and while one seems incapable of changing the first, not even controlling it because he inherited it from his parents and grandparents, the idea of ​​changing lifestyle seems manageable. That in the equations of hope of life and longevity, the balance of the "lifestyle" four times the "quality of genes", which leads to consider the way of life directly affect health and longevity, or short, and this is good news for many, because it gives them the ability to change things for their benefit, Away from genes. Here are five secrets to prolonging life revealed by centenarians around the world over the age of 100, as well as long-term studies:

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