The anniversary of the Union is repeated on the 2nd of December each year, where we celebrate in the UAE and abroad, reviewing the achievements and actions of the loyal sons of the UAE, we remember how the idea began between the late, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his brother Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, and how the dream turned into reality, is now described in the true unity that expresses the bond of the seven emirates under one banner.

- There's no prettier than that

Living in a homeland like

UAE, a homeland you feel

In which dearness and belonging

And loyalty.

Forty-eight years have passed since the UAE, where we compete with the most advanced countries, through advanced infrastructure, advanced services, smart government, and projects that serve citizens and residents, and our eyes are turning much further in the areas of health, science, technology and space.

When we review the achievements, this does not mean to overlook the negatives that exist, nor to close our eyes to the deficiencies in certain sectors and services. In a clear transparency, the aim is not to denigrate as much as it is a message to the negligent to know very well that the state does not accept any unacceptable services, and there is no room for negligent and negligent.

The transparency of the UAE government is positive and optimistic. We hope to see the fruits of this follow-up in the near future. Here I remember Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who, if he promised more, if he continued, and if he planned, he said: ».

Indeed, there is nothing more beautiful than living in a country like the United Arab Emirates, a country where you feel proud, belonging and loyalty, a country that respects and appreciates you, celebrates and honors you, a country where the highest priority of the citizen in various fields, we live in comfort, security, reassurance, solidarity and solidarity, And prove to the far and near that the house is tall and elegant and united.

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