Revision for receiving a girl's death case Training for abuse handling manual Chiba Nov. 28 19:26

In Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, a child training center staff has been trained in Chiba City to learn about abuse handling manuals that have been revised in response to incidents involving the death of a fourth grader girl who had been abused by parents. It was.

Chiba Prefecture revised the “Child Abuse Response Manual” in August, following the case of Noda City.

The first training was held in Chiba City on the 28th, and 65 people participated, including staff from the child guidance center in the prefecture and local government officials.

The instructor is the vice chairman of the prefecture's third-party committee that verified the administrative response in the case of Noda City. Explaining what should not be leaked to the children, and if the child is absent for a long time, he / she actively visits the home to confirm safety.

In the subsequent exchange of opinions among participants, there were opinions that communication and information sharing would not be successful if the positions of the related organizations differed.

The Futtsu male employee who participated in the training said, “I would like the related organizations to communicate firmly and provide support for children and parents in front of me.”

Chiba Prefecture has a policy of reviewing the manual after receiving the verification results of the incident, and Vice Chairman Satoshi Ogi said, “It is difficult to respond to the site, but we want you to practice it properly.”