Nobel Prize in Chemistry Mr. Yoshino Exchanged opinions on environmental issues with Koizumi Environment Minister Nov 27, 20:50

Akira Yoshino, who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, visited the Ministry of the Environment on the 27th and met with Minister Koizumi to exchange opinions on the role of lithium-ion batteries in solving environmental problems.

Lithium-ion batteries developed by Akira Yoshino are highly evaluated for their environmental role, including the fact that one of the reasons for receiving the Nobel Prize is the ability to reduce fossil fuels when combined with solar power generation. It has been.

Mr. Yoshino visited the Ministry of the Environment around 6:00 pm on the 27th and met with Minister Koizumi.

Minister Koizumi presented a model of the artificial satellite “IBUKI 2”, which was developed last year by the Ministry of the Environment for greenhouse gas observation and launched in conjunction with the congratulations for winning the Nobel Prize. When he introduced, “Lithium-ion batteries are used for this satellite,” Yoshino received with a smile.

At the meeting, Mr. Yoshino explained about new technologies necessary for solving environmental problems, including lithium-ion batteries, and opinions were exchanged for about 20 minutes.

Mr. Yoshino, who responded to the reporter's interview, mentioned that Minister Koizumi will attend an international conference to discuss global warming countermeasures next month. "The Nobel Prize commemorative lectures each serve to convey a message to the world about environmental issues. I would like to work together with science and technology and the government."