The pests in question are the long-sprayed silverfish that eat organic material and thus risk destroying the art. According to Anna Hyltze, acting museum director, extensive handling is now required in order not to affect the artwork.

- There are quite a lot of resources, money, but also staff to be able to secure the works and their environment here at the museum. Today we feel that we are quite limited in our operations, ”she tells SR's Cultural News.

The price: SEK 800 million

The museum, together with the municipal construction company Higab, has prepared a feasibility study for a rebuild and extension, which also aims to overcome the museum's problems with poorly adapted premises. According to the feasibility study, the rebuilding would cost just over SEK 800 million, Kulturnytt continues.

The City Council of Gothenburg decided on Wednesday to move forward with the proposal. How the renovation is to be financed is not clear, however, and according to the municipality of Gothenburg, financing from regional or state level may be needed.