With the participation of 50 leading showrooms from 21 cities from around the world, the 11th edition of the Art of Abu Dhabi exhibition will be held in Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of the Executive Council. The Head of Abu Dhabi Executive Office, organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, will run until 23 February.

Diala Nusseibeh, Director of Abu Dhabi Art, pointed out that this year's exhibition includes a unique group of prominent artists, curators, galleries and cultural stakeholders, in an interactive program that combines arts and cultural and artistic activities, starting with ideas that deal with the contemporary art scene. In different geographical areas, through artistic commissioning works that match the place in a number of historical areas, and up to the artifacts loaned from the Al Ain Museum and the mysterious world created by emerging artists, “I would like to express our great gratitude to all the participants and the organizer. Yen in the art of Abu Dhabi for their valuable contributions this year ». During the press conference held yesterday morning in Manarat Al Saadiyat, followed by a tour of the exhibition in the presence of participating artists and Arab and foreign media, she pointed to the support of the French Fine Jewelery House (Boucheron), for the second year in a row, to the art exhibition as an official partner, in line with its commitment to enrich For the first time in the region, the house presents its latest collection of jewelery «Paris, as seen from the title 26» «Paris, vu du 26», which explores a range of concepts, ideas and views inspired by the atmosphere of the French capital, culture and unique architectural style, which is the best Proof of stuck «Boucheron» the principle of creativity freely and without restrictions.


Dr. Omar Khulaif, curator of the Abu Dhabi Art for the third year, talked about the highlights of the exhibition “Spaces: Painting, Simulation, Planning”, which he supervises and aims to activate the participation of galleries and artists who explore the practice of painting as a starting point for consideration. In the divergent practices that artists use for mapping, dreams and fantasies. Showcasing the participating galleries and the most prominent works they present to the public this year, including the Salon 94 showroom, which is for the first time in the Middle East.

«New dimensions»

`` New Dimensions '', which is a new addition to the exhibition `` Abu Dhabi Art 2019 '', and focuses on the creations of contemporary Asian art, specifically Chinese and Indian, the artistic values ​​on the Chinese galleries, Jerome Sans, that the exhibition entitled `` China now '' It is a big challenge, because it is out of the ordinary form of exhibitions. He pointed out that China is very special, which is also reflected in its arts, and that many societies do not know enough about the art in China and its development and schools until recently.

Ashwin Thadani explained that the section on Indian art includes six galleries from Mumbai, Delhi, London and New York, focusing on contemporary Indian art, showcasing the most prominent artists participating in these galleries with their work.

Past and Present

Paolo Colombo, curator of this year's exhibition, pointed out that this year's edition of the exhibition is titled 'Stories from the Past and Present' and aims to explore the potential impact of simple everyday tools of antiquities on stories that artists try to tell through their artistic practices. Today, as witnessed by contributions from the Al Ain Museum, the secondment of a number of artifacts that will form an essential part of the exhibition's collection, will be exhibited alongside contemporary works inspired by these pieces, highlighting the important role of historical decorations and decorations in contemporary art practices. He pointed out that the exhibition will see the unveiling of three new works commissioned by the artists Alaa Idris, Nima Nabawi, and Lamia Gargash.

«Assigning artists»

Speakers at the conference were Leandro Erlich and Oliver Peer, who are in charge of producing artworks for the current version of the annual Horizons: Commissioning of Artists program, which highlights a range of sculptures and monumental works that will be exhibited throughout the emirate.


This year, Abu Dhabi Art will witness the first participation of the “Burda Grant” initiative, which was launched by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development. Sheikh Salem Al Qasimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Knowledge Development at the Ministry, explained that the pavilion will showcase the work of 10 artists who received the Burda grant as part of its first batch. Jude Lootah, Ibtisam Abdulaziz, Khalid Al Banna and Amar Al Attar from the UAE, as well as Saudi artists Dana Awartani, Nasser Al Salem, Pakistani artist Aisha Khalid, Algerian Zulekha Bouabdallah, Russian Fatima Azdinova and Stanley Sue from Hong Kong, who will present a variety of works. Between a Sculptures, fabrics, photography, installation, and others.

Emirati Arts

The Horizons: Emerging Artists Initiative presents the work of Emirati artists Aisha Hader, Rawdah Khalifa Al Ketbi and Sheikha Fahad Al Ketbi, under the supervision of curators Ramin Harizadeh, Rukni Harizadeh and Hussam Rahmanian. The three artists participated in a one-year program with art curators and selected the desert, desert and abandoned urban spaces to represent their creative environments, with the aim of exploring new artistic dimensions during the program period. Their work will continue until February 9, 2020.

• 50 leading showrooms from 21 cities in the world.

• «Spaces» aims to activate the participation of galleries and artists, and consider the different practices used by artists to draw maps, dreams and fiction.

The Abu Dhabi Art program is interactive, combining arts, cultural activities and ideas that address the contemporary art scene.