I was browsing one day my personal account in the application «Instagram», to follow what is new in this world, as well as to torment myself while roaming in the accounts of travelers! While I am indulging in it, and I fall into a short clip published by an institution in the country, for a normal business meeting, but what is unusual, is the music that played in the background.

If you close your eyes for a moment, and only listen to music, you are told to imagine what you see? There is no doubt that you saw bloody duels, and armies battling among themselves, and this falls fast on the ground, and that finds his friend who screams of the pain, or you might imagine someone standing on the edge of a high mountain with only one man, after a long journey that took months. As soon as you open your eyes, you listen to the music itself, but after you got into a completely innocent scene, contrary to what you imagined, you see the meeting manager with slow-motion waving his hands with a blue ballpoint pen, looking at his employees telling you some words that you imagine from the music and the body Its production that the director declares war on dirty chairs, pens and bourgeois tables! Then the audience applauds with all the heat of this great scene, and the music cries in the background! Unfortunately, many institutions have gone on to imitate this pattern of production, to document all of its meetings and events .. Slow filming itself, and the music itself is similar to each other, and we do not see new ways to highlight these events only rarely, note that the audio libraries contain millions of different tunes that suit each Event. But it is the habit that has brought most producers to imitate others, even it has become almost a law, that there is slow shooting and Gladiator music in the background! Music has its soul and its entity, and it does not accept to be thrown in every forum, but looking for a suitable partner for her, violent and loud music can not mix with the scene of a friendly business meeting to be her partner, and can not combine the song Barney and scene of heavy fighting !

Music and sound effects help producers convey real emotions within the scene, as if you were living the moment with them.This has been demonstrated by psychological studies on the impact of music on humans.In one of them, psychology today studied how film music can influence the course of a story. From the movie Minority Report, Jack (Tom Cruise) surrounds Agatha with his hands as they see chaos in a big mall, people are scrambling to escape, and you can hear their screams and loudspeakers warn them of a danger, while the background of the scene plays music used for movies «Action».

The scene was shown to 245 university students surveyed, who were asked to describe the emotions they felt when they watched this passage. The majority responded that the scene was frightening and put you in a state of tension and anticipation. The study team then carved out all the fussing inside the mall, keeping only the music.As a result, the students noticed that the scene became not scary, but tended to be more romantic, especially when watching Jack and Agatha surround each other with their own hands.

Music and sound effects can be an effective tool of influence, and it is the responsibility of producers to convey their message, the feelings they want to influence people, by choosing the melodies that fit the scenes. Here I put them between these two options to decide: I see it represents: Trojan war or business meeting?


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