Girl child cutting case Child and boy junior high school student on security camera Aomori Nov 13 21:58


On the 12th in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, a 14-year-old boy's junior high school student was arrested with a knife cut out by a knife. It was reflected.

NHK obtained a video of a security camera installed at a convenience store about 300 meters southeast of the incident site.

The incident occurred at around 4:40 pm on the 12th, and around 5:35, around 4:35 pm, the girl carrying the school bag and the back of the girl walked at an interval of about one car. You can check the figure of the person.

Immediately after that, a picture taken from a different angle shows a girl and a person walking several meters behind.

According to the police, the boy junior high school student wore dark white pants on a whitish jacket at the time of the incident and had something like a scarlet rucksack, so the figure of the person walking behind almost matched this feature. The