Defendant Runaway Osaka Prosecution to prevent recurrence by project team November 14 7:20

The Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office has established a project team to consider measures to prevent recurrence, etc. in response to a series of escapes from defendants scheduled to be detained.

The Osaka District Prosecutor escaped by car to the defendant who was scheduled to be held at the Kishiwada branch on the 30th of last month, and on the 9th of this month, he escaped to the defendant's man who was escorted by car in Higashi-Osaka. .

In response to this situation, the Osaka District Public Prosecutor has set up a project team to consider measures to prevent recurrence.

The Osaka Prosecutor did not notify the local municipality of the incident in the first runaway, and in the second runaway, the suspicious car ran away from the man's relationship at a tremendous speed and did not announce it. .

In response to this, the prosecutor's executives interviewed the interviews, considering whether the situation could pose a danger to the safety of the residents and whether there would be any problems in securing the information. ”And expresses negative thoughts about announcing the situation of the investigation, unless the dangerous situation is clear.

However, based on the growing criticism from local governments and residents, the project team also verifies whether a series of responses were appropriate.

Osaka District Prosecutor Makiko Yamamoto, the attorney at the time, said, “We are very sorry for the anxiety of the residents and we are sorry.