«Don't buy what you don't need»

This statement is attributed to Warren Buffett, a wealthy American who adopted simplicity as a method and way of life, and despite the short sentence, but it establishes a financial thought adopted by many people in the world, including entrepreneurs and wealthy the size of the owner.

Do we have a proper management of our finances, especially those who depend mainly on the monthly salary?

I always communicate with the friends of the study, thanks to social networking techniques, as technology has moved the distance despite the distance, and gradually canceled the mailboxes, and with the concern of waiting, and in a transient conversation with someone about the worries of life, he said that he is saving with his wife already to pay university education expenses for his children, Because they don't want to take a bank loan for education, we took the talk of the concept of saving that he has been applying for more than 10 years, and it became for them a way of life, and I was surprised to learn that his salary does not exceed $ 2000, yet he has a high university degree, a car, a house, and has two children , Has repaid all his loans, and with him I got married The marriage system is the full partnership between the two parties, and frankly I was not attracted by the subject of partnership for many reasons, including that it may be a foregone conclusion in our societies, but I was overwhelmed by the issue of financial management and the saving culture that may be Absent from us, she wondered: How did a study friend living in northern Chicago deal with the high cost of living, the challenges of life, the demands of children, and the long hours of work that end daily at 5 pm.

- He told me: Life treats me well.

I thought to myself: Life is unfair.

In contrast, our other common friend, who lives in my city, who earns twice as much as my American friend, suffers from high prices, children's demands, and the difficulties of life, despite the extravagant external image he paints for himself.

In a frank meeting, he told me that he had to live this way to keep pace with the lifestyle followed by friends, family and acquaintances in this city, he should buy the best, build the most beautiful, and spend the most, so as not to be seen inferior, even if it cost him a loan or even two loans from banks, That open its doors and hearts to borrowers. The daily demands do not end, and you must implement despite the cost of the application if you want your family to live at this high level. "We don't want to be isolated from our environment in a lifestyle."

I told him: Will you continue to live this way?

He told me: I am in a vortex I can not get out.

Saving is a culture that contradicts the culture of “spend in the pocket, brings you what is unseen”, and many of the impractical habits that we follow without logical aggravation of our suffering, we inherited and applied them, and unfortunately they have been handed down to our children, perhaps unintentionally.

I asked a financial expert about the best ways to maintain a salary?

He told me: the system of allocation of the first month of necessities, and give item for expenses, and the amount of savings, albeit a little, and not to confuse the items and direct disbursement without calculation, and must deal with the salary and expenses of the house as a corporate transaction!

"If you can do that, I guarantee you financial management and the survival of part of the salary."

I told him: No comment!

Saving is a culture that contradicts the culture of "spend in the pocket.


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