The German magazine "Freuden" that good sleep helps the body to lose excess weight; for the following reasons:

Stability of hormonal equilibrium
The amount of sleep affects the body's production of leptin, which is excreted from fat cells to regulate appetite.Lack of sleep results in increased appetite.Even a person feels hungry immediately after a fatty meal.Sleeping adequately ensures that hormones remain in equilibrium in the body. Prevent food cravings.

Do not store belly fat
Sleep deprivation is associated with increased cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress and nervousness, and a study by the journal "Fat Research" has shown a link between poor sleep and abdominal fat accumulation.

Maintaining the intestines
The intestines are the center of many hormones that promote satiety or hunger.Increasing a certain type of bacterium results in a lack of secretion of the hormone satiety, which makes it difficult to adhere to any diet, and sleep and intestines affect each other, and sleep may affect Negatively on the intestinal flora.

Sleep significantly affects the mental state. A study of Sleep magazine has shown a clear relationship between lack of sleep and lack of motivation.