In "Media Culture", the TMC reporter talks about the political situation in Brazil, while his channel has scheduled two special shows in the heart of the state of South America.


Tuesday night, TMC offers two programs on the political situation in Brazil: Martin Weill in Brazil and Martin Weill in the Amazon . The Daily reporter went to South America to take stock of the first year of Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian president.

"It sounds a bit like what we can have in the United States"

"Summarizing a man's politics is not easy," Martin Weill said Tuesday in Media Culture . The journalist and his team decided to go and see "supporters and opponents" to the president, both sides of the Brazilian political spectrum. "Who are the most virulent? It's hard on both sides, it's a polarizing society," said Martin Weill. "It sounds a bit like what we can have in the United States with a political leader and a firm policy."

"Official figures say insecurity has gone down, but ..."

Martin Weill went to see the police officers to whom Jair Bolsonaro "gave a kind of license to kill". "The official figures say that insecurity has gone down, but you have to know what the price is, the number of shootings is increasing, and the number of people killed in police interaction is increasing. by a breeding ground so that clashes multiply? "asks the journalist. Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia ... the journalist and his team have in any case traveled to the largest cities in the country for this inventory.