Bengt Feldreich piloted viewers through Christmas from 1959 to 1971 with the exception of three years in the 60's. Several years after that, he has continued to record new presentations of Disney's Christmas films in SVT. Photo: TT

Arne Weise was a Christmas host in SVT between 1972 and 2002, with the exception of the years 1979, 1988, 1989 and 1990. Photo: TT

Lotta Bromé, Christmas host 2003. Photo: TT

Ernst Kirchsteiger, Christmas host 2004 Photo: TT

Blossom Tainton, Christmas Host 2005 Photo: TT

Ingvar Oldsberg, Christmas host 2006 Photo: TT

Anne Lundberg, Christmas host 2007 Photo: TT

Lasse Kronér, Christmas host 2008 Photo: TT

Lisbeth Åkerman, Christmas Host 2009 Photo: TT

André Pops, Christmas host 2010 Photo: TT

Kalle Moraeus, Christmas host 2011 Photo: TT

Sarah Dawn Finer, Christmas Host 2012 Photo: TT

Petra Mede, Christmas Host 2013 Photo: TT

Henrik Dorsin, Christmas host 2014 Photo: TT

Gina Dirawi Photo: TT

Sanna Nielsen, Christmas host 2016 Photo: TT

Erik Haag and Lotta Lundgren, Christmas hosts 2017 Photo: TT

Kattis Ahlström, Christmas host 2018. Photo: Janne Danielsson / SVT / TT