Capybara at the zoo, five babies Gunma Kusatsu, November 13, 7:14

Capybara's five-five baby was born in the zoo in Kusatsu-machi, Gunma Prefecture, and it is gaining popularity among visitors who looked lovely.

Capybara's five-five baby was born in the Kusatsu tropical zone in Kusatsu.

According to the zoo, this quintup was born on October 11 between the father “Masaru” and the mother “Marin”.

The quintuples are raised with two of their parents and are growing quickly by drinking milk and eating cabbage.

Visitors enjoyed taking pictures of adorable figures where five children play together.

A man in his twenties from Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, said, “I want to keep it myself because it is so cute.”

At the zoo, after confirming the sex of the quintuples, we are looking for names from visitors, and we want to create opportunities to interact with visitors.

Koji Kumamoto, the breeder, said, “All five of them are growing well. I want you to come and see a cute figure.”