Finished LeKiosk, now places in Cafeyn. With this new name, the streaming service, led by Ari Assuied, hopes to become the number 1 in the European market within two years.

Streaming is a practice we know for music, with Spotify, and series thanks to Netflix, but it also exists for the print media. In France, several platforms offer unlimited subscriptions that make it possible to read a growing list of newspapers and magazines. There are for example Epresse, SFR Press, Pressmium and LeKiosk. But she decided to change her name.

"The ambition is to become the European champion"

Finished LeKiosk, now place in Cafeyn, like this molecule that you find in the cafe. "Cafeyn why? Because it's awakening, curiosity, attention and a brand that resonates internationally.There are several dimensions that allow us to embrace a broader aspect," says Ari Assuied, the boss of Cafeyn. "The ambition is to become the European champion in this new vertical, which is the streaming of quality information, we give ourselves two years to get there," he adds.

The first information streaming service in France

The principle is the same as on Deezer or Netlix: you pay 9.99 euros per month and you have access to a large catalog of daily or weekly. Cafeyn claims today as the first information streaming service in France with 1 million monthly active users. Despite this, the economic model of these online kiosks is still very vague, both for platforms and for publishers. Moreover, not all newspapers appear: the Le Monde group refuses to include these newspapers and magazines.