In line with its role in shaping the culture of Dubai and in line with the new cultural vision of Dubai, announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai supports the fifth edition of the Dubai Design Week. Held from November 11 to 16, in partnership with Dubai Design District and Audi Middle East, the company focuses on the unique design identity of the UAE, through a variety of local and international creative arts, bringing together designers, creators and artists. From around the world, what establishes an eternal dialogue Consciously establishes Dubai as the global capital of the arts. Through its active partnership with Dubai Design Week, Dubai Culture is launching the Creative Laboratory, an innovative initiative that gives the public and children the opportunity to discover their talents by participating in the creation and completion of creative designs and works of art through six diverse stations offering exploratory activities. Focusing on a specific aspect, the Creative Lab enables amateurs, professionals and students of all ages to explore the art of design, encourage entrepreneurship in the creative sector, and give them the opportunity to interact directly with some of the region's leading design professionals.

Institutions and companies

Al Ghadeer Emirates Crafts, the organization that empowers low-income women through traditional Emirati crafts, provides training, design, raw materials, and marketing services for women to create local-style products to help them earn a decent life. And preservation of traditional crafts. Ethan & Associates, an educational consultancy specializing in 3D design and printing. And «Oli Oli», Children's Interactive Museum, which will organize during the event a workshop that allows children to make a simple robot. And «Sharabassy Built Environment Studio», which will give participants access to 3D design programs. MAS Paints will focus on sustainability through workshops to draw recycled objects and invite participants to use foliage as drawing tools. And «81 Designs» to be held Palestinian embroidery workshops. A "touch of clay" will hold workshops to teach pottery and ceramics. The Creative Lab aims to promote artistic and cultural entrepreneurship in the region, highlight the cultural face of Dubai and establish itself as a land of talent and a niche for creative entrepreneurs, in line with Dubai's eight principles. Pride and happiness live in a "cohesive and cohesive society" and enjoy a "distinctive living experience."

Embrace talent

Walid Ahmed, Director of Dubai Art Season, responsible for the creative lab initiative, said that Dubai Culture's primary objective is to support the design sector in the UAE and the region, and to enable artistic institutions to play their part in supporting and nurturing young and emerging talent. And strengthening the role of these institutions in directing talented people and taking their hands towards professionalism, which positively reflects on supporting the creative economy. “We are striving to make Dubai a sustainable and innovative global city in the culture, heritage, arts and literature sectors, through many of our various initiatives that we organize and evaluate throughout the year, bringing happiness to Dubai society,” he said.

Precious opportunity

Dubai Art Season Director, responsible for the creative lab initiative, called on parents to take their talented children to participate in the “creative lab”, pointing out that it will enrich their skills and hone their talents. “The art is of the highest quality and provides them with everything they need to present their designs in the best possible way.

- Various exploratory activities that allow participants to explore the masterpieces of design.

- The event brings together designers, creators and artists from around the world.