Sauna baths are beneficial to health as they work to strengthen the immune system.

He explained that sufficient time should be allocated for saunas for at least two and a half hours. You should also not go to the sauna late at night, since extreme heat is stressful, negatively affecting sleep. You should also not be hungry or have a full abdomen.

In general, it is recommended that the sauna not exceed three sessions per visit, taking into account that the duration of the session does not exceed 15 minutes, and the interval between the session and the other less than 10 minutes.

Before the first sauna session should be bathed, taking into account that the water is not too hot, and after each session should be bathed with cold water, to take advantage of the catalytic effect of the exchange baths.

In general, people with chronic diseases should consult their physician first before going to the sauna, while people with colds may not go to the sauna.