Solicitation of “Smartphone Alchemy” etc. The Consumer Affairs Agency calls attention 8:43 on November 8

The Consumer Affairs Agency announced the name of the company based on the law and made it easy, as if it was soliciting with an advertisement different from the actual one such as `` alchemy with smartphone '' etc. We call attention not to accept solicitations.

The Consumer Affairs Agency announced the Internet-related company “WAVE” in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, the company leads to the company's site by posting a lie that it earned a lot of money by posing as a personal blog, etc., `` You can earn 1.2 million yen per month '' with just a smartphone, It means that they were soliciting “alchemy with smartphones”.

In addition, it is said that they were invited to enter a paid plan of up to 1,500,000 yen as support for those who applied.

However, according to the Consumer Affairs Agency, there was no sufficient support or a mechanism to make profits easily. So far, more than 300 consultations such as “I can not earn at all” have been sent to consumer centers nationwide. It means that

According to the survey, the company has said that it has sold 770 million yen from about 8200 people so far.

The Consumer Affairs Agency announces the name of the company based on the Consumer Safety Act and calls for caution not to accept solicitation as it may unduly harm consumer interests.

In this regard, “WAVE” says that “we are accepting refunds, but we will refrain from commenting because we are considering responding to the announcement”.